Monday, 12 October 2009


"Guilt: punishing yourself before God doesn't." Alan Cohen
I was chatting to a friend about how she was feeling as she's been experiencing pain. She said she was getting better. She believed her pain may have been triggered by guilt.

She said when a friend's husband passed away recently, she tried to be there for her calling her every day. When she felt her friend was ready to come out, she invited her to her house. She said her friend was very upset when she came round, which made her feel guilty.

"But why did you feel guilty?" I said.

"Maybe, if my husband wasn't around it wouldn't have been so bad."

"But you were only trying to love your friend the way you know how," I said. "Why should you feel guilty because you still have your husband?"

"I know. She's also my husband's friend but I couldn't help it. I am always feeling guilty about things."

I told my friend that I don't feel guilt as I believe it's a waste of time and energy. She said if I carried on living without guilt I'm bound to live till 150. She said she had a friend who lived till over 100 and he never felt guilty about anything. He would just do what he wanted.

After our conversation, just for fun, I sent my friend some funny quotes about guilt. I said I hope they didn't make her feel guilty. :-)

I believe guilt is an invisible chain that keeps one in bondage. We are conditioned to believe that guilt is our conscience guiding us about what is right or wrong. What is right and wrong anyway? Isn't that based on people's rules and expectations about life that have been accepted as the norm? Instead of listening to the voice of the collective about what I should be doing, I would rather just listen to my own Voice within that never judges me about anything. This Voice accepts who I am and what I choose to experience no matter what. Through my experiences I get to determine what I like or don't like; what works for me or doesn't.

Imagine if we all lived without guilt? I believe, if we choose, we would be able to live in the same body forever.

I have no time or space for guilt. I only have time and space to be myself.


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