Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Sun God

Last night as part of my meditation, I listened to the Aum sound within me, which feels like it's coming from my heart. I had this vision where I saw rays of light radiating from what looked like the sun. I became one of the rays and travelled at light speed back to the sun. In the middle of the sun were the letters "GOD." I knew myself as the sun. I felt tremendous peace being the sun.

When I fell asleep, I had a dream about this woman who said she never used to like this man until one day he gave her a lift in his car and they connected. As she was telling me the story, I felt the woman and man's love for each other, which was so overwhelming that I burst into tears. I was still weeping when I woke up.

I am the Sun.
We are all the Sun.


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